Common Lies Told On Dating Sites

One of the biggest obstacles when it comes to online dating is not knowing if the other person is being fully honest. Although the best dating sites have an extensive profile creators filled with questions and answers, some people still insist on fibbing to make themselves seem more attractive. Not all dating site users do this, but, there seems to be a trend with certain subjects across the dating board:

Photos: Not too many people put their worst photos online, especially on an online dating site. This is certainly not surprising. However, be aware that there are those people out there that will go to great lengths to photoshop, crop, and edit their photos in order to look more attractive. For example, a bald man may only post pics that have him wearing a cap, a chubby lady may only post a face shot photo, and people with acne scars may use photoshop tools to conceal their blemishes. A good rule of thumb is to look at the worst picture someone has on their dating profile, and bring down your standards a few notches. This will give you a more idealistic view of the person you’re talking with. In some instances, potential dates will be more attractive in person. Yet, since so many people are in the habit of making their photos seem more

attractive online, it’s best to not get your hopes up too much until you’ve seen them in person.

Weight: If you are out of shape and trying to get a date, chances are that your weight isn’t the first thing you want to share. However, almost all dating sites require its members to share their body type, whether it be curvy, athletic, chubby, or skinny. The bad news is that most people do lie about their weight. The good news however, is that this lie is one of the easiest to detect. If a woman claims she has an athletic body, yet only posts pics of her face, then there is a good chance she is hiding something. If a man claims to be muscular, but only posts pics of himself in baggy clothes in a bar, then chances are he’s not hitting the gym.

Age: Men and women alike are prone to lie about their age, usually by a few years, but some people have been known to shave off ten years. Typically, men will lie in order to catch younger dates, and women will lie in order to appear more youthful and innocent. The problem with lying about your age is that unless you look dramatically younger than you really are, your fib will be exposed rather quickly. Additionally, if things get serious, the issue of age is bound to come up sooner or later, whether through a surprise party thrown by friends or taking a peek at a driver’s license. Always keep in mind that the age range of potential dates may be off by a few years.

Career/Income: It’s not a secret that successful people seem more attractive. Even if they are not successful, lots of people want to appear successful online, and will lie about their income and careers. For example, a receptionist at a law firm may claim he is a top attorney. He may even claim he is on his way to become an attorney, yet in truth, he’s not even in school. A lady who works part time at a convenience store may say she’s the manager of an upscale retail store. The list goes on and varies greatly. 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